Moment of Gratitude

Moment of GratitudeSo what do I say? As I’m sitting here in a cafe in Rabat, Morocco (shout out to the SORAC Spot: Café Lina), there are so many things to be grateful for. Over the new few weeks before summer ends I’m so excited for the topics I will be covering on my blog; however, if there is anything that y’all are interested in please let me know.

As mentioned the next topic will be Forgiveness/Living in Unforgiveness. I will then be working through Fear, 3Ps: Purge, Patience & Purpose, and rounding up the summer/moving into fall with Discipline and Intimacy with God. I’m so excited to get back on this journey.

But back to my moment of gratitude. As I sit here in Café Lina all I can do is say thank you to God for sending me here. Each day He shows me His commitment to me, His love for me, His covering mercy, and that’s He’s listening. Even when I doubt, He always believes in me and shows me that “All things are possible through Him”. He is always with as He has been since before the dawning of time. And this means there’s nothing to worry about because He knows the plans He has for me. And if He knows His plans for me He most definitely, absolutely knows His plans for you. All He asks is that I, that we not get in His way. We just need to give Him all of us, which starts by simply allowing Him to enter into our hearts and continues with us committing to getting to know Him because He already knows everything about us.

Through Christ All Is Possible!

Love y’all and Have the Best Day!



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