One True Love

Welp, obviously I need to write my post on discipline. Anyways, Happy Valentine’s Day (a month and some change later)! With everyone abuzz with Ciara’s #GreatestLove challenge to the countless bae and self-love posts, I was really thinking today about what love is.

Valentine’s is a great time to highlight one another. Whether that’s a special someone, best friend or even myself to show my affection, care and adoration. It’s a nice reminder in our everyday hustle to slow down and acknowledge those who hold special places in our hearts. However, I challenge each one of us to truly inspect what love means and looks like. In a culture that loves to put on display every facet of our lives I challenge myself and everyone reading this to push through to the realness and beyond the fluff/likes.

As I reflected I thought how similar valentine’s day can be to Sundays and Christian holidays. How often do we praise God and get filled up on Him one day a week to not acknowledge Him for the remainder? Don’t allow one day to remind you of the importance of a relationship, especially the one we have with Christ. This relationship is the most important and bleeds into the others because God shows us exactly how to love Him and those around us.

I absolutely love Psalm 139 and feel that it embodies the way God loves us.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day passed. How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered! I can’t eve

Oooh this scripture is so powerful! God sees each and every single one of us before we are who we are. And not just see visually but it’s so much more to it. The greek word, Eido, perfectly describes this type of sight. God visualizes us, knows us intimately, and foresees the plans for our life. God formed us and created a unique purpose-filled plan for our lives. When my biggest faith-based doubts arise or in the midst of rough seasons my first thought is that God cannot be with me. However, it isn’t God that walks away it’s me. God’s love never leaves me, never fails me, it’s always constant. God knows me and does not stop loving me when I don’t live up to His expectations. God believes in the power and plan He placed inside of me. He thinks about me constantly. Me! God thinks about me even with 7 billion other people on the planet! There is so much happening in our world yet I’m still on God’s mind and there will never be a time when I’m not.

Can you imagine a true love like that? A love that sees you when you cannot. That pushes you to your purpose. A love that fights for and with you not against you. A love where you can grow. A love where there is forgiveness. A love where there is no intentional hurt or pain given. A love that reflects your most beautiful inner beauty and understands the ugly bruised parts, but yet, loves you all the same. A love that doesn’t die. A love that isn’t draining but affirming and empowering. Can you imagine a love like that? Good news is that I never have to and neither will you because that’s the kind of love God gives. And when one has truly received it, it’s a beauty to give it to others.


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