When God Isn’t Listening

Hey God!

I’m in a very weird period in my life where I am surrounded by a ton of loose ends and very subtle glimpses of a finish line. For a control freak like me, this is an absolute disaster. I’m in a period where all God has promised me is in reach yet the opposite of what God told me is my current circumstance. I feel like the people in those State Farm commercials where what I’m promised is being dangled on a fishing pole and just as I go to grab it my hands miss and the pole is moved. Has anyone else been here?

In these moments, once I have my pity party I start to focus on the things that I’m grateful for that God has already done in my life. (Whew the day when that’s my go to will be amazing!) I think about the fact that I have somewhere to live, my bills are paid (or close to lol), I have food, clothing, transportation, amazing friends and an amazing family that loves me. I have my health and I get to see another beautiful day. I start to think back to my dad sitting me in front of a mirror countless times telling me to repeat after him, “I’m special, I’m somebody. It’s so nice to be me”. These mantras shifting into adulthood affirmations of, “All things are possible with Christ”, “I am the head and not the tail, above not beneath.”, “I’m unstoppable”, “I’m special”, “I’m somebody,” and “I’m loved”. I think to the future when I get out of the pit how I’ll cherish these moments and remember those works of endurance and perseverance built in me during that season (James 1).

Finally, I am reminded of a great ruler in biblical times who I can look to when things get rough. I can be grateful that my circumstances are nowhere close to what his were and how I can develop the same courage and confidence he possessed. I think to Joseph. God gave Joseph visions and prophecies of what his life would be. God revealed to him how special he was and that he would be a great ruler, yet his brothers sold him into slavery and he spent over a decade in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Meanwhile in prison he was helping others and when they got out they promised to put in a word for him with the Pharaoh, but Joseph remained in Jail. Although others forgot about him and it seemed like God did too, he remained faithful, prayerful and growing in the gifts that God gave him. And one day because of his faithfulness but more so because of God’s (His word never comes back void), Joseph did become one of the greatest leaders of Egypt and would deliver his family, the Egyptians and the Israelites out of a season of famine.

I hope this encourages everyone who reads this that even when it seems like God isn’t listening, even when the circumstances don’t match the promise or your work, that God is still with you in the pit. That God’s words always always come to pass and that if you keep the faith you will look back on this season of struggle as a season of overcoming where you grew in strength, in power and in faith. 

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