Why Living in the Spirit?

I wanted to delve a little deeper about the history of this blog beyond my About Page. Let’s flashback to summer 2016, one of the littest summers in the history of summers according to Drake and anyone else who was old enough to enjoy it. It had been a rough year but that summer was different. The music was popping, the mood was chill and I was on the brink of a major transformation. 

That summer I would embark on six months of spiritual solitude while abroad in Argentina. While I was raised in a Christian household and saved at nine years old this was the first time in my life I really delved into the bible for myself and started to ask questions. It was the most beautiful time of my life. I was away from the noise of home and it was the first time I understood my identity as a black woman from the United States was seemingly oxymoronic; but as I uncovered deeper depths of what that identity was, I understood with more confidence who I was in Christ. Rising early for prayer and worship, journeying through the cities of Latin American countries and writing often helped me come alive in ways I’d never explored. I was truly myself. 

Galatians 5:25 “If we live by the spirit, let us keep in step” symbolized this metamorphosis. I don’t remember how I came to discover this scripture, but it would become an anchor for my life and the mission of my first blog connecting my family to my travels. I was fascinated by this spirit, this Holy Spirit, that doesn’t get as much love as the other two parts of the trinity (if you’re new to this I’ll make a post explaining the trinity it can be super weird). For the first time, I understood the weight of what it meant to be aligned with God and what He wanted to do in my life even if it opposed my desires.

This hunger for deeper revelation and relationship with God brings me to you. Each step of obedience, each moment of seeking truth, each wall torn down in my heart shows me the depths of God’s love for me and the power of His Spirit. It is in the beauty of sharing in relationship and obedience that we enjoy a life well-lived. 

As a twenty-something just trying to figure it out I want to be a resource to other young women seeking God and trying to uncover what their purpose in Him is. With the third revitalization (talk about struggling to obey), I’m excited to grow this community of women trying to figure out their faith with you. The process of alignment or “keeping in step” is not straight nor pretty so there may be moments where I misspeak or mess up but I hope the community that we’re forming will be a place where we can share our mistakes, grow and evolve. A place where the Spirit corrects our missteps. Hope you take this step. 

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